Improving The Brand Of The Best Urban District In The US

Thanks to a reader for sending this in: "The

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) has initiated a project to re-design the

CPS main web site. This project will require a tremendous amount of

work in a relatively short period of time. We

are targeting the debut of the new web site in Mid-July focused on enhancing the brand and the web presence of CPS. The primary content

focus will be to provide information about the schools, programs and


"The new CPS web site will be designed to meet the important

activities and core interactions with the primary user group - parents.We

would appreciate your perspective on how we can improve the web site.

We are conducting a limited-time online survey to gather feedback from

site visitors. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. If you are

interested (or know someone who may be interested) in participating in

this survey, please visit:


the new few months, we will continue to provide updates on the progress

of this project and more importantly, the new messaging standards and

processes that will accompany such a tremendous initiative.We are very excited for this project to help the District further establish itself as the premier urban school district in the United States."

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