Illinois Gimmicks With Dress Sizes

Speaking of the Chronicle, here's a story by Dana Nelson about Illinois and NCLB that that begins:  "Chicago schools are under more pressure to perform well on state tests, and with the federal government threatening school closures or funding cuts, they’re finding better ways to reach the bar—by lowering it."

Nice.  The rest of the story (Reaching heights by lowering standards ) is equally good, except for the ridiculous observations by me about dress sizes among other things:

Russo said Illinois has set low standards to sell the idea that Chicago public schools are doing better than they actually are.  “It’s like what they do in stores with dress sizes,” Russo said,
referring to shops that make dresses smaller than they actually are.
“It makes you feel better, but you’re not in any better shape and it
doesn’t really help anybody. It just helps sell the dress.”

Yes, I am wearing a dress right now. 

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