IL Among 15 States Moving On Poverty Issues (Sort Of)

Illinois is among 15 states taking a variety of actions to reduce poverty, according to this article in, which tracks state-level initiatives (States adopt bold anti-poverty measures).

But not all of the state initiatives are equally robust. The Illinois effort includes a task force but not much else, according to the article. Not that there's anything wrong with task forces, of course.

State Schools News Services notes that few if any educators will be on the task force (assuming that we're talking about the same task forces):

"HB 4456 (June 6) creates the first Commission on Children in 22 years.

Interestingly, although its goals are to be heavily education, none of

its 35 members are defined in the bill as requiring public education

backgrounds. The State Superintendent would be an ex-officio member,

but he is the only member of the commission representing education....The Department of Human Services will administer the commission."

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