I Told You Not To Come Around Here Anymore

Earlier today, word leaked out from the secret Catalyst corporate headquarters high atop the Sears Tower that this blog was moving to their site, starting tomorrow.  And it's true.  I'm actually pretty excited.  Here's the announcement:

"Starting November 1st, Alexander Russo Russo's District 299: The Chicago Schools Blog will move to Catalyst Chicago. It will be featured on our home page. Russo, a contributing editor to Catalyst, launched his CPS blog in December, 2005.  Since then, the site has turned into a gathering place for parents, teachers, and activists to read the latest news, share the latest gossip, and find out what's going on in other parts of the city."

So that's where you should go starting tomorrow AM (here).  The site won't change much in terms of its look and appearance, and as I've explained before your privacy, anonymity, and right to rant and rave (within reason) are all being preserved. Enjoy!  And if you ever have any troubles, let me know at district299 at gmail dot com. 

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