Hyde Park HS Athlete Caught With Gun In School

According to a couple of folks who emailed me about this, there was a student at Hyde Park HS who brought a gun to school and was caught yesterday afternoon. He is a basketball player, which raised the concern that his case might be handled differently than it normally would.

No formal word has been conveyed to students or staff at the school, according to those who have contacted me, which of course only makes the rumor mill go into high gear.

However when I called CPS they said that the word so far from their head of security is that the athlete has been arrested and taken to jail and will be recommended for suspension just like any other kid. Apparently there are hearings etc. involved in the CPS part of the process, just as there are on the legal/criminal end.

Any updates or insights, let us know. And thanks for the early warning emails sent in by folks near to the situation.

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