Hyde Park Herald Archives

The HPH has made some of its archives available online -- here's what you get if you search for barack obama and local school councils:

[view result] Parents say school bill hits LSCs too hard [ARTICLE]

The Hyde Park Herald, 28 April 1999

[view result] Powerful friends vie for spots on Canter council [ARTICLE]

The Hyde Park Herald, 24 March 2004

[view result] HP-K CC ends year in the black [ARTICLE]

The Hyde Park Herald, 20 August 2008

[view result] CPS

searches for schools' namesakes The legacy should be that it become an

excellent school that happens to have my mother's name on it. Evan

Canter, regarding Miriam G. Canter Middle School [ARTICLE]

The Hyde Park Herald, 26 January 2005

[view result] The first draft of history — a 50-year timeline of Hyde Park [ARTICLE]

The Hyde Park Herald, 21 July 2004

Anything else I should search for?

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