Huberman's Reorganization Plan

Here's the reorganization plan that goes along with the announced budget and staff cuts -- lots of new folks in new (acting) positions, lots of old (Duncan) folks departing or not mentioned. [ PDF ]

for Chief Admin Officer (replacing Hill Hammock).  Arshele Stevens for
CIO, Sarah Kremsner as newly created Chief Performance Officer, Antonio
Ruiz for Deputy for Performance Management Technology.  Pickens becomes
acting COS for Michael Scott.  Adam Case is acting COS to the CEO. 
Michael Shields for Public Safety (acting).  Alan Anderson for Deputy
CEO for Human Capital.  Don Fraynd as Turnaround Czar (acting).  No
BEW, no Pedro, no Xavier, no Lach, not Ginger Reynolds, no....anyone.

UPDATES & QUESTIONS:  Ascencion's retirement is mentioned in
the PDF.  The press release version is in comments.  What happens to
Josh Edelman and the Office of New Schools?  Note that further changes and budget cuts
are promised in the weeks ahead.  Emphasis on the budget cuts, right?
[See Wednesday morning news for the answer to that question.] 

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