Huberman Makes Principals Happy

So yesterday's meeting between Ron Huberman and 700 or so Chicago principals at ITT was a good one from the administrators' point of view -- most are keeping their jobs and many hope to have new and improved supervision from "chief area officers." For central office and other staff, the news continues to look bleak -- cuts, closeouts, and re-applying for jobs.

More Shakeup News District 299
The above 3 elementary Areas will be "closed". There will still be
separate elementary and high schools Areas for next year. It may
change, however, to K-12 Areas.

Putting power in principals' hands Chicago Sun-Times
Ron Huberman announced that he'll give principals new authority
to decide what kind of outside help they need at their schools.

Huberman to principals: Focus will be on data Catalyst
Each officer will get a data analyst, and the reading and math coaches
will become data coaches, but with expertise in their subject area.

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