Huberman Coverage & Commentary (Day 2)

Jackson blasts Daley's selection of new CPS CEO Sun Times

“You have a body of educators with degrees who thought the end of the

tunnel would be the chance to ride to the top. Here, a non-educator

unilaterally eclipses their dreams. It is unfair,” Jackson said in a

telephone interview from Washington.

Daley Expected to Name CTA's Huberman to Head CPS Eight Forty Eight (Linda Lenz)

"Ron Huberman as far as I know knows

nothing about education, has never had a passion for education...It's

disappointing that the head of the school system doesn't have any of


Daley Taps Huberman to Lead Chicago Schools. WBEZ


have utmost faith in him. I don't even have -- I can put my head to

sleep, I can go to sleep at night, and just close my eyes. I don't have

to worry about Ron Huberman."

Huberman the wrong guy to run Chicago schools Greg Hinz Crain's


Huberman pick...sends the odd

message that a school system overwhelmingly filled with and taught by

black and brown faces can, once again, only be run by a white man."

Huberman to lead Chicago Public Schools CTDN

“We know in America, in large urban school districts, we’ve often had

people who were career educators leading the systems,” says [NYC Chancellor] Klein, “and

the results have not been good for our systems. Period. End of case.”

Daley standing by school chief choice Tribune

"It's a disservice for the city of Chicago," Woestehoff said. "Data on

bus timetables is a whole lot different than student achievement tests."

Another Manager for CPS. WBE Z


you have here is extraordinary continuity," said Duncan. "You have the mayor who’s

stayed the course. You have a board that’s been there from Day 1. You

have Barbara Eason-Watkins, who’s a visionary education leader, who’s

been a great partner for me and will be a great partner for Ron, and

you bring in Ron—someone who’s just an extraordinary manager."

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