How Unanimous Are Board Votes? Count 'Em Up.

Last week's announcement that Peggy Davis was joining the Board of Ed got me thinking about the lack of anything other than unanimous votes that I've seen, and today's press coverage of the new Supreme Court session that's about to start got me thinking about it again. 

So I asked CPS if anyone can see if there've ever been any dramatic 5-4 votes, and apparently, you can go check out past Board votes and see whether they're as unanimous as they seem.  I looked at the January 2006 summary (PDF). Frankly, I couldn't tell much reading it online, and it's 184 pages long.

Thanks to the helpful folks at CPS, here's how you can do it:  1. Go to cps website
   2. Go up to top and click on About CPS
   3. Go to left side and click on Board of Education
   4. Go to left side of that and click on Board Proceedings

They currently have up Jan.-June of 2006.   As you see, it lists the votes for each item.

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