How the Morse, Frazier, Farren, & Collins Kids Are Doing Next Year Is All That Matters

Amid all of this week's hooplah about schools being closed, we don't really know one way or the other whether it helps the kids who are directly affected.  This is really the only thing that's important.

We know that communities and teachers and some parents don't seem to
like it.  We know that the schools taking these kids in worry
understandably about their impact on the learning environment and the
test scores.  We know that the new schools that emerge in their place
or nearby are, with some exceptions, seeming to do OK.  But we don't
know whether these kids do better in their new schools than in their
old ones.

This is no small question.  Each year for the past four or five
years, a handful of schools have been closed by CPS, and those kids
have gone to other, ostensibly better, schools. This small effort -- an
estimated 1,000 kids this year -- easily eclipses the number of
transfers out of low-performing schools that's been generated by NCLB,
which had falled down to about 500 last I checked. But the basic idea
is the same.  Is anyone tracking how the transferred kids perform in
their new schools compared to their old ones?  That's really all that


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