How Many Children Dead?

The number of kids killed this year seems to be going up with every new story -- what's with that?  First it was 27 kids in the original Tribune story.  Then it was 29 for a while.  Now it's up to 31, according to the latest:  “We've
lost 31 children, 31 CPS students have died or have been murdered this
school year and it's not OK,” said Rufus Williams, Chicago Public Schools (Blair's Bill Will Require Safe Gun Use).  Is this just media inflation, or have four more kids been killed in the last three weeks?

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  • Chicago education reporters have taken quite a hit on this blog since it was launched. But really, why would we "inflate" the number of CPS kids killed?

    Does anyone seriously think we want that number to grow?

    For the record, yes, the number is 31.

    When we published our front page story, it was at 27. Since that time, four more -- sadly -- have been killed.

    The numbers seem to change from time to time for two reasons:

    1) Obviously, as students are killed, their names are added and the list grows.

    2) There has been some discussion about whether students who are dropouts should be counted as CPS students. (I am certain this will provoke some nasty exchanges on this blog.)

    Again, when we published, the number was 27. Four more have died, including one girl whose mother said she dropped out of school months before she was killed.

    Stephanie Banchero

    Education Writer

    Chicago Tribune

  • George,

    You noted in your post that others have posted names of students who died, but were not included on our list. Can you direct me to those names? I saw one posting, but that person was incorrect (we did have that child on our list.)

    We'd like our list to be as accurate as possible. As you know, CPS does not count the total number of kids killed, only the ones killed by gun violence. As a tribute to every one of the kids, I'd like to get their names (and a small story about them) into the paper or online.

    So if George or anyone else out there has a name, can you please post?


    Stephanie Banchero

    Chicago Tribune

    Education Reporter

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