How Long Should "Excessed" Teachers Have?

Unlike in Chicago, not having an assignment doesn't mean not getting paid in New York City. But that situation doesn't seem likely to last long. There, roughly 600 teachers who have not found jobs are still being paid -- to the tune of $80M -- under a contract provision that is increasingly under fire (City Mulls Next Step on $81 Million Nonteaching Teachers NY Sun). Here, excessed teachers have 10 months, and that's it. Read here (Attack Of The New Teacher Project) for an interview with Tim Daly of the organization that put out the report, about what he found and how NYC compares to Chicago. Here is an article from last summer about TNTP's Chicago report: Report: No teeth in teacher ratings Tribune.

One other big contrast between Chicago and NYC: There, the union president has been all over the media complaining about the plight of teachers in the reserve pool, making the case among other things that cutting them off would discriminate against older teachers.

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