How IMPACT Affects Kids' Grades

We've talked a lot this year about how IMPACT affects teachers, but not so much about how it affects kids. Well, a student who goes by the name of Coco wrote in over the weekend with this observation about how students perceive teachers' grading systems:

"I am a student at a cps school and i remember how at the begining of

each quarter every student started out with a fresh A and you could only

work your way down. Now your grade follows you throughout the entire

year and you have to pull yourself up, which is very difficult to do

because in order to do that you have to play catch-up. The reason why

we have grades is to show how we are progressing and where we need

improvent, but how are we suppose to improve or proggress if we

continually move backward in order to fix our previous mistakes from

the last quarter? In other words. . .this new grading scale is a steup for failure."

What do you think? Have teachers changed the way they talk to kids about grades because of IMPACT? Are kids working out from under their first quarter grades in a way that before they weren't? Or is this a misperception or a school-by-school thing?

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