How Far Would You Go To Raise Minority Achievement?

It's probably hard for most of us to think about having integrated classrooms -- much less giving them up -- but that's exactly what nearby District 65 (Skokie/Evanston) is thinking about doing to help close the achievement gap. 

"We all say we support diversity," says a former board member in the article.  "For that reason, we want all the
kids sitting together. But the statistics show having all the kids in the same
room has not benefited students of color. Why not give these kids a chance to

For many who believe or grew up being told to believe in integration and social justice, ideas like this are tough to handle.  But there's no doubt in my mind at least that racial integration doesn't solve all problems, no matter what the ideologues say.   Personally, I'm probably more comfortable pulling boys into a special program than minority kids, but it seems like all options should be on the table, shouldn't they?

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