How Chi-Town Came In First: Rosy Self-Reported Data

I think I figured out how CTDN came out ranked first in the Community Media Workshop's puzzling new report on local online news sites
(PDF):  the report's reliance on rosy data reported by Chi-Town itself (plus
perhaps the absence of self-reported site visitor data from WBEZ): 

ScreenHunter_83 Jun. 10 20b ScreenHunter_84 Jun. 10 20b ScreenHunter_85 Jun. 10 20b


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  • Very interesting. Way to dig into the numbers, Alexander. Perhaps next time CMW can request PDFs or actual data from the organizations.

  • Sorry to be so slow in getting over here to comment, Alexander, and thanks again for taking these issues up.

    Unfortunately, because I'm at our Making Media Connections conference today (just finished hearing from Bill Adee and right now listening to Brad Flora of WindyCitizen, Dan O'Neill from Everyblock, Geoff Dougherty etc. talk about neighborhood news 2.0) I can't give it my attention til this evening. Will be back to comment more fully or will do so at this eve.

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