How After School Matters Meshes With CPS

The relationship between CPS and After School Matters has always been an interesting and complex thing -- especially since CPS started focusing on extended school hours to NCLB tutoring.  And now, ASM is bigger than ever.  That's what makes this Crain's article interesting:

"After School Matters has grown into the largest program of its kind in the United States," according tot he article (Getting busy: First lady's arts program grows up).  "It serves nearly 23,000 teens citywide, partnering with the city of Chicago, Chicago Public Schools, the Chicago Park District, the Chicago Public Library and other groups."

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  • Why should a student who easily makes AYP have to spend extra time in school? Why not separate the children into buckets based on whether they have no problem scoring adequately, whether they're at risk of not scoring adequately, or whether they won't score adequately? Then you could have the last 2 groups get the extended day and let the first group have the time off to pursue education outside the classroom.

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