Hot Topics [updated]

There are lots of comments coming in on recent posts.

Older hot topics this include:

What's Going On At Gunsaulus Academy?

What's Going On At Clissold?

UPDATE 1 Sunday evening: New posts are not appearing on the Gunsaulus discussion thread - sorry! Apparently you guys are overflowing the blog with your discussion.

Don't worry, though, nothing is being lost. You can either continue posting normally and your posts will appear as soon as we get this cleared up, OR you can post comments here and they'll appear immediately. Your call. My apologies.

UPDATE 2 Monday afternoon: Apologies for the extended delay getting the Gunsaulus comments back up and running -- I don't know what's taken so long. I emailed and called the Catalyst folks last night, and again today. Comments are still coming in, and will eventually be posted -- they're just not showing up for now. I think you guys broke the record for most comments ever on this blog.

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