Hiring Preference For CPS Veterans?

A teacher whose school is being closed writes in to describe her experience at the recent Job Fair:

"I was one of the teachers to attend the job fair or as I like to say,
"Cattle waiting for slaughter" My school is closing this year due to
low enrollment. Our scores are good, our 8th grader made it to city
for science fair, 3rd place in writing, and AVID certified as well as
an Illinois Spotlight School.

"As I was at this so called fair I noticed
that when we turned in the resume to get in it was NOT checked to see
if a person was certified. There were a large if not more than half
there, College students and teachers from out of the district and even
out of state. Whatever happened to the teachers that were losing their
jobs like myself being given job offers before non CPS people?

"I have
been since 21 working for CPS and am on my 18th year. I have been at
the same school for 8 and the one before that 10. I would hope that
says much about my teaching. I was extremely disappointed with the fact
that it was like veteran teachers were being put out to pasture. I was
under the assumption that these fair were for only CPS employees, but I
guess I was and idiot to think that."

Anyone else there see the same thing or have any insight onto the supposed CPS preference?

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