High School Transformation Heads North?

The effort to upgrade and coordinate high school curricula is on the march, according to this reader from Mather HS:

"We were informed at the LSC metting last night that Mather along with seven other northside H. S. will be Transformation

Schools -- now known as Instructional Development Systems (IDS) -- next year,

against our administration's wishes. This will mainly affects core


The only other information provided is that there will be a meeting next

Tues. January 15th, 4-7 (paid your hourly) at Chicago Academy H.S.,

3400 N. Austin. Teachers are invited to come and find out about IDS'

currricula and instructional approach, along with getting any questions


My understanding is there are three products (curriculum) being offered

and we will have the choice to select which of the three we will be

using next year. I don't know which other Northside High SChools were designated."

So much for HST being a voluntary program that principals and teachers were going to sign up for. Are things any better at the schools that starting doing HST a couple of years ago?

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