High School Transformation Czar About To Be Named

Wondering who was going to take the job running the Gates-inspired high school "transformation" project announced by the Board this summer?  Thinking that it wasn't going to be current head of high schools, Don Pittman? Click below and find out who may have gotten the job.  It's a District 299 exclusive.

There's no official confirmation, but rumors are flying  that Allan Alson, Evanston  Township High School superintendent, is going to take the newly-created position, overlapping for a year with Pittman and then taking over the whole secondary school shebang  in 2007.

Alson_murphy Alson (left) is know for his efforts to improve minority student achievement (see Race Matters for a Joyce Foundation overview) and, again according to rumor, getting and then losing the job as head of New Schools for Chicago to Phyllis Martin Lockett at the last minute.  I'm not sure what Pittman is known for. 

Welcome to District 299, Allan.  And good luck.

To get the whole picture, check out Maureen Kelleher's piece in the December Catalyst:  No small plans for high schools

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