High-Level Strife Inside Chicago Teachers Union

As rumored here in the comments section and elsewhere, there has

apparently been a rift between CTU president Marilyn Stewart and her

former ally and supporter, Ted Dallas, the CTU VP who helped organize

her victories over Debbie Lynch the last two times out.

Thanks to a reader, here's the letter that Stewart sent to Duncan in

December informing him that Dallas was no longer speaking for the CTU

on most issues:

According to this source -- who may or may not have an axe to grind here -- "It seems like Marilyn got mad when the UPC voiced concern for her to run in the next union election because of the bad contract she negotiated and the meeting she lost control of in August."

Anyone know anything more about the dispute, its sources, or the possible fallout, let us know. Do we care that they're fighting? Does it really affect anything? Or is it just a food fight that's fun to watch?

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