High Exclusion Rates Undercut NYC Scores

Hidden in last week's release of the urban NAEP results that showed how 11 big cities (but not Philly) are really doing was some small print about how different the cities' exclusion and accommodation rates were. Digging a little deeper into that, NY Sun reporter Elizabeth Green writes that NY Gave the Most Breaks for School Exam. Leading the nation, NYC excluded or accommodated 20-25 percent of kids, depending on the exam -- highest in the nation. To be fair, at least some exclusions and accommodations are considered legitimate, and New York state is a leader in this area so it's not like NYC was bucking the rest of the state. But the exclusions and accommodations raise questions about NYC's scores, and -- perhaps more problematically -- about the vaunted comparability of NAEP results from city to city and state to state.

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