Hidden Gems In CPS?

In even the most troubled big-city school systems, I like to think
that there are at least a few folks who have a combination of
institutional knowledge, big-picture savvy, and organizational and
interpersonal skills to get useful things done.

Sometimes these gems are old hands who have been in the system
forever and somehow managed not to get crushed or narrowed or made
mean. All they need is to have their energies and inner entrepreneur
unshackled. Sometime they are newcomers, fresh out of biz school or
somewhere else who manage to pick up what they need to know about how
things really work (and a little humility for those who have come
before them) while still pushing for changes that would otherwise not
get done. They are generally marked by their ability to work up and
down the system -- with the office next door, outside folks, school and
classroom staff, and community groups. 

Anyone come to mind?

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