Hidden Education Stars Under 40

Hosanna_mahaley_johnson_1This year's Crain's annual 40 Under 40 includes CPS starTimking_2 Hosanna Mahaley -Johnson and Urban Prep leader Tim KingCongrats to them both. 

This gets me thinking, though -- who else in the Chicago education world would you add to the under-40 list, and why?


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  • Again, Promises Made! Promises Broken! Stay tune... New Year same old tune .... Promise made! Promise Broken!

  • Years after UOC Charter School and CPS taken from the students of Wadsworth again came back to get the 6th to 8th grade without the Wadsworth's LSC and/or Woodlawn's community input. This has to stop. This is not about being right, but doping the right thing for the students of Wadsworth.

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