Help The Cause: Adults And Bicycling

It's the middle of winter, but some folks at least are looking ahead to the spring and already
have bikes on their minds.  Friend-of-a-friend Dave Glowacz from the Chicagoland Bicycle Federation writes in to see if any African-American teachers out there want to help them review some materials.  Here's the pitch:

"We've spent much of the past year creating the first draft of a traffic-cycling instructor manual. When we finish this document, we aim to have novice bicycling instructors use it to teach bicycling (both in-classroom and on-bike) to adults. Because most of these folks will have no formal education in teaching, we want the manual to serve as a "teaching for dummies" guide.

I've recruited veteran bicycling instructors from across North America to review. However, all of them come from a Caucasian background. I'd like to find an African-American person to look at the text from a different demographic perspective. Ideally, this person would both have teaching or training experience and ride a bicycle regularly."

They say it'll take a couple of hours, and that anyone who's interested should contact them at Pass it on.

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