Headlines From Other Places

I thought you guys might like to see some of the education-related headlines from other cities that have caught my eye this week. Some similar issues, some different ones:

Shy teen spotlights battle over failing schools Reuters News Service


shy 14-year-old girl plucked from obscurity by the White House and

given star treatment has come to symbolize a battle over how to fix

dilapidated U.S. schools.

Seattle special-ed teachers suspended for refusal to give test Seattle Times

The teachers say they're honoring parent wishes and that the

test is inappropriate for their students, who have severe physical and

cognitive disabilities.

Taking Sides on New York’s School Chancellor NYT

In some circles, Mr. Klein is revered: as a star prosecutor turned

crusader for the underclass, a fearless innovator willing to take on

the powerful teachers’ union...But among some of the state lawmakers who will determine the

fate of the nation’s largest school system, Mr. Klein is reviled.

School chief: DC kids should keep school vouchers The Associated Press


Secretary Arne Duncan says poor kids getting vouchers for private

schools in the District of Columbia should not be pulled out.

Glendale schools ban teachers' personal coffeepots and fridgesLA Times


officials say removing appliances such as microwaves and coffee makers

will save $60,000 a year.

Seattle parents, NAACP cry racism over school closures Seattle PI


parents and a civil rights organization are calling for a federal

investigation into school closures announced by the Seattle School

Board earlier this year.

If you like having me gather these, I might make this a weekly feature.

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