Head of New Teacher Project Hired To Run DC Schools

Michellerhee_01Michelle Rhee, who started and ran The New Teacher Project, which worked in Chicago and several other cities on teacher recruitment and retention issues, has been tapped as the new head of the District of Columbia school system, replacing Clifford Janey (New DC Schools Chief Says System is ‘Subpar, Substandard’ ).  Rhee's appointment is notable not only because she's relatively young, a woman, and a minority, but also because she's the first person from any of the "outside" reform groups to take a job leading a relatively large public school system.  It's the rough equivalent to having -- I don't know -- Tim Knowles from U of C run CPS.  Or Mike Koldyke, or ..., or.... More to the point, did anyone work with TNTP in Chicago, and what was it like? 

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  • Alexander Russo,

    I don't think you are right about Rhee being the first supt. from an outside reform group. What about community activist and reformer Howard Fuller in Milwaukee? Or Tony Smith in Emoryville, California who came right out of BAYCES and the Coalition of Essential Schools? I also seem to recall another of this type in Minneapolis. Am I wrong?

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