Hazards of An Easier English Proficiency Test

Folks in Arizona are finding out that using an easier English proficiency test -- as may happen with the new ACCESS exam that's replacing the ELPT and (in Chicago) the use of IMAGE instead of ITBS to determine who gets mainstreamed -- doesn't always turn out the way it's supposed to.

"Last year was the first time the [new] test was used, and the number
of students who passed and were no longer English-learners doubled to
31,118 from 15,268 the year before....The sudden surge alarmed
teachers. They say that the big gains are the
result of a new test that is easier for students to pass and that some
students who pass are not ready for the regular classroom."  It also
means fewer dollars for schools that used to get extra funding to help
ELL students.  Check it out here.

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