Haugan, Marshall, Edison Gifted Update

From a reader: "There are hearings happening to discuss changing the boundaries of Haugan

Middle School and Marshall Middle School. Haugan is just a few blocks from

the new Edison Gifted location. Haugan is rumored to have low

attendance and also rumored that it may NOT be a charter school anymore. If you

recall Haugan looks exactly like the new Edison.

[7/22 5:30 - 7pm 4540 N Hamlin at Haugan Elementary]

"There is an uproar that

APMC is going to be phased out and Edison doubled. Not this fall but the

following fall. This year APMC actually has increased enrollment of about

40 kids for fall or 2009. The claim is that enrollment for the middle schools is

now increasing, Marshall and Haugan are NOT at capacity. People are

flipping because the boundaries may change. In changing the boundaries rival

gangs will be combined under on school. Haugan has gang issues as well.

"Keep in mind this school is blocks from APMC and I find it interesting there has

not been much discussion about that in the past. Haugan's boundaries will

go further north including the AMPC attendance area. I do not know how

much of this is true and how much rumor. But someone may want to attend the

meeting and find out.

The reader also says that Irving Park MS is being completely gutted in preparation for the takeover of Disney 2. "To think the Edison parents

snubbed this school when they had a chance to move to it because it

was old, because CPS is now gutting it."

Anyone know more about this, or different?

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