Harcourt Messes Up On Testing -- Again

A normally reliable reader sends in word from the Office of Research and Evaluation that there's been a small mixup from Harcourt on the Winter Learning First reports -- mislabeling them as Fall scores.  Oops!

Details:  "We discovered late yesterday that the Learning First READING Parent Reports and parent CDs contain a typographical error. The reports state that the data is for the Fall Reading Assessment rather than for the Winter Reading Assessment. The data on the reports is accurate and reflects student performance on the Winter Learning First READING Assessment. This error does not apply to the Mathematics Benchmark Parent Reports.

"To minimize confusion by parents or schools, Harcourt Assessment will be sending new READING parent reports to be delivered via FedEx on Tuesday, January 30th. This is the best we can do to get correct reports into schools before the January 31st parent report card distribution date. Please make sure you destroy the old reports and do not distribute them to parents next week. "

"We are in the process of exploring our legal options and hope to compensate each school for this inconvenience.  We sincerely apologize for the confusion and distress this may cause you."

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