Happy Friday the 13th, Struggling Schools: CPS Says Prepare To Meet Your Doom

It's less than two weeks into 2006, and one of my favorite -- and least well-reported -- predictions already looks like it's bit the dust:  CPS announced today that it is going to close schools again this year, while I had predicted that they'd take a break. Happy Friday the 13th, struggling schools.  You're going to die.

For what it's worth, my rationale was that they don't need the space, they don't need the hassle, and even though there are still persistently crap schools out there maybe they'd just gotten tired of the whole decisionmaking / politicking process.

No such luck.  Today's press release announces the closing guidelines and promises taht we'll know who's going to get closed by the end of this month. 

At a quick glance, it looks like pretty much the same criteria as last year -- 25 percent or less over four years (ISAT or ITBS) for elementaries, 10 percent PSAE for high schools, year to year progress of less than 0.9, and then lots of exemptions for new principals and Fresh Start schools and double transfers etc.

I'm too lazy and too behind on other projects to figure out whether the criteria are changed, but I'll ask CPS and let you know.

They do say this:  "The guidelines
come in response to many of the comments and suggestions received following the
Boards call for public comment on the closing policy and an extensive public
input process last year."

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