Handwritten Report Cards -- Still?

From a reader:

"Elementary school report card day was yesterday. On the same day, I received an IMPACT Digest email. In it was this:

The team also found that

some schools encountered challenges

in producing their report cards. On Tuesday morning, in an effort to


the load for school administrators and ease the transition to

Gradebook, the IMPACT team was able to successfully generate all report

cards system-wide for schools after the

midnight grade deadline.

By Wednesday morning, all school report cards


available to print.


I went to pick up my daughter's report card, I received a handwritten

one. I asked why and I was told that IMPACT did not have them ready. I

am curious how many other parents received handwritten report cards

when ITS is touting that every school is giving out report cards from


I'll see if I can get a mock copy of what it should look like.."

Anyone else see handwritten report cards this week? Or is IMPACT actually starting to get a little bit better?

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