Handcuffed At Julian

Here's a letter to Principal Taylor and Dean Sadisky sent in to me about an intense-sounding incident that happened yesterday at Julian, in which a student was stopped and handcuffed in the bathroom of the school and then suspended for 10 days in a way that may prevent her from graduating next month.

What do you make of it? Unusual or commonplace? What's the protocol for handcuffing and suspending students in your school -- do personnel need some sort of justification?

There've been a few reader comments about Julian lately -- this may or may not be connected to reader concerns.

Please note the following letter to Principal of Percy Julian H.S.
regarding an incident with a student. Please contact me if you have any
Principal Taylor and Dean Sadiky;
As the aunt of student Brittney Bates I am writing in response to the treatment of my niece on yesterday in the school building.

to Brittni she was en route to the restroom to blow her nose. She was
approached by a staff person who asked for her identification. Brittney
stated that she did not have ID and proceeded to the restroom. The
staff person then called police officers to the restroom. At this point
3 women police officers cornered Brittni in the restroom
stall, handcuffed her, and drug her down the hall by her handcuffs.
Brittni who has never been involved with law enforcement went into
shock and begin screaming because she felt as though she was being
attacked by the officers. Moreover, Brittni is a senior and is
scheduled to graduate June 5th. She has received a 10 day suspension
which will prevent for meeting graduation requirements.

I am appalled at the conflict management procedures of your
building. It is unfortunate that students are subjected to being
treated like criminals in an environment where they are supposed to
feel safe and is conducive to learning. I believe that the officers
escalated the incident by using unnecessary force rather more civil
communication means.
When viewing your vision , mission, and goals I see a theme that
includes providing an environment that is conducive to learning, the
use of critical thinking and problem solving techniques, etc., that
prepare students for opportunities that enhance their future quality of
life. The actions shown in this incident did not reflect your stated
In order for us to come to a full understanding of how this
incident escalated to an act that merited the level of force used by
officers, we would like to view a video tape of the incident and sit
down to discuss how to assist Brittni in recovering from the feelings
of being violated and attacked by those that are supposed to provide
safety and security. In addition we would like to view of a copy of the
protocol for handling situations such as this one.
Brenda McGowan, M.P.A.,F.L.E.,

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