Hand Washing, Baby Wipes, and Head Start

From a reader:  "I think that people on the blog may find it interesting to know that
at the North Side Head Start meeting the other day (probably happened
at the South Side meeting too), we were told that we could no longer
ask families for Kleenex, soap, paper towels or baby wipes. As in "no
school supply list." They said if we were caught doing this, we would
be out of compliance with Head Start and the Federal Government for
"soliciting donations." This of course set off an interesting array
of commentary from the masses. The kids in my Head Start room come in
attire costlier than my attire most days, yet I can't ask them for a
box of Kleenex?
Another interesting topic of debate was the subject
of hand washing. Apparently we are supposed to teach the preschoolers
to wash their hands as surgeons would. They are supposed to wash
their hands about 7 - 8 times in the 2.5 hour program. (When they
enter the room, before breakfast, after breakfast, after being
outside, after touching art/sand/water, after going to the bathroom,
after touching their nose, before lunch and after lunch). Many of
these times we obviously would be washing hands anyway, however, some
of these times sanitizer or a baby wipe should be sufficient.
However, this is not an option if running water is available. Those
in charge of this new rule have obviously not tried to have 20 three
year olds wash their hands in one available sink."

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