Groups Protest Special Ed Cuts Wednesday At CPS

Chicago Special Education Staff Cuts Illegal

Say Special Education Advocacy Groups

When:  9:45 a.m. on Wednesday, June 28, 2006.

Where:  Ground floor lobby of the Chicago Public Schools, 125 South Clark Street, Chicago, Illinois

What: A press conference to announce a federal complaint filed in the
class action Corey H. lawsuit with the lawsuits court-appointed
monitor The complaint alleges that the elimination of 200 special
education teachers and 750 teacher aides in the Chicago Board of
Education FY 2007 budget is illegal because it violates the Corey H.
Settlement Agreements.

Why: The Chicago Board is seeking to balance its budget by cutting
$26.5 million in staff services to the group of students who are
already the most vulnerable and lowest achieving in the school system.

Who:  Access Living, Designs for Change, Equip for Equality, and Family Resource Center on Disabilities; four advocacy groups for children with disabilities with a total of 113 years of experience in working on these issues.

For More Information, Contact: 

Laura Rhyner, 312-236-7252, ext. 242

Donald R. Moore, Ed.D., 312-236-7252, ext. 236

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  • In the next couple of years, the problem with having qualified special education teachers will increase because many teachers are retiring (I just retired this year).

    All of the other special education teachers at my school will be retired within 3 years. I know that this is true throughout the city. New teachers don't seem to stay in Special Education. A bonus system may encourage teachers to apply especially if there was a time commitment.

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