Group Planning To Sue CPS Over "Advisory" LSCs

Lots of things going on today -- the LSC meeting at Ravenswood, a school closing hearing or two (what happened at Passeges, BTW?), and the latest -- the announcement of a lawsuit by local school members against CPS for taking away LSCs' powers.

From PURE:

Why: Mayor Daley’s Renaissance 2010 plan has deprived thousands of parents, staff, students and the community of many Renaissance 2010 schools of the full legal representation by LSCs that is required by Illinois law. Yet a strong body of research shows that LSCs are fundamental to major improvements in CPS schools since 1990, and that top-down interventions or conversions are not effective. LSCs have also successfully increased civic engagement among low-income African-American and Latino parents and community members.

Contact: Julie Woestehoff, Executive Director PURE Office: 312-491-9101

Who: Members of LSCs improperly demoted to “advisory” status by CPS.

When: Tuesday, February 7, 2008 at 10:30 am

Where: PURE office, 100 S. Morgan

Street. Corner of Morgan and Monroe. Parking is available in the small lot adjacent to the west end of the building on the south side of Monroe; enter rear door.

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