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Cross-posted from TWIE: If you thought that Green Dot's Steve Barr

and the Locke turnaround story had reached some sort of saturation

point last year, think again. It's all Locke High School, all the time

these days.

Thursday night, Arne Duncanpublicly talked up the school in front of a roomful of eager education

journalists -- a first, I think. He usually talks about a turnaround

in Chicago, or the Harlem Children's Zone. Click below to watch the

Duncan clip.

A New Yorker article about the

school and Green Dot founder Steve Barr is coming out today, focusing

in part on the school's exquisite positioning to become an Obama

education reform model. See Jim Warren's blurb about it here.

The warm feelings are apparently mutual. Scroll to the bottom here to read Barr profess his admiration for Obama from last week.

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