Governor "Smith" Goes To Preschool

Still reeling from his humiliating appearance on The Daily Show (see below), embattled Illinois Gov. "Smith" has leaked word of a universal preschool initiative in advance of his budget rollout on Wednesday.

Kudos to the Early Learning Initiative folks for getting this to the
top of the pile, and to the hard-working Elliot Regenstein for pulling
it together. But there's no viable place to find the money.  There
aren't enough Type 04 teachers and classrooms even if there was.  And
it wouldn't be the first universal preschool program in the nation, as
it's being advertised.

The Tribune piece is well-reported but not particularly insightful (State eyes free preschool).  The Sun Times version is three paragraphs long (Gov to propose preschool for all kids 3-4 yrs. old).

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