Got Any Ideas For Catalyst?

As you can see from the letter below, the folks at Catalyst seem like they have all sorts of changes in mind for the near future, based in large part on talking to educators and parents around Chicago.

I've already told them most of my ideas for what they should do (more timely stories, more investigative work, more fun to read, more expense account money for their favorite blogger).

What do you think? What should they do to make their reporting as useful and engaging as you can imagine? Post your ideas here, or send them to the editors at the emails listed below. Or both.

Full letter from Catalyst:

Welcome to the new Catalyst Chicago

We at Catalyst have spent much of

the past year exploring ways to serve you and, therefore, our city’s

children better.

Our new vision is an expansive one

that is based on what more than 200 people told us in interviews, focus

groups and surveys:

  1. It takes more than the

    professional school improvement community to improve outcomes for children,

    so Catalyst will revise its product mix to reach more audiences.

  2. People want to talk about

    what is working, what is not working and next steps. Seen as a safe

    space for that discussion, Catalyst will promote a diverse, robust

    and constructive dialog on improving the educational experiences

    of our children.

  3. It takes more than a school

    to educate a child, so Catalyst will incorporate into its reporting issues in the larger community that impact children’s learning.

  4. Chicago is not an island,

    so Catalyst will establish a greater presence in the suburbs and

    the state capital and will work to develop a multi-city network

    of urban education news services.

Earlier this month, we took our first

steps towards fulfilling our new vision. We produced an in-depth special report on Chicago’s high school transformation – the

copy you are receiving today is a condensation that ran in Crain’s

Chicago Business. We then followed up with a summit that featured Chicago Public Schools CEO Arne Duncan and Washington

Post education columnist Jay Mathews. Soon we will post a report

on that gathering online to continue the conversation.

The special report that formed the

basis for this summit is a prototype of a new product aimed at leaders

in school and community change.

We also broke related high school

news stories online, signaling increased use of this medium of choice

of today’s young adults. In the future, we will use audio, video

and interactive web features to communicate still more effectively

and to share the views and experiences of our various audiences.

As we at Catalyst plunge into a new

future, we ask you to help us out. Please share your ideas and your

reactions to our efforts. We look forward to the feedback.

Best regards

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Linda Lenz Veronica Anderson

Publisher Editor in Chief

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