"Good Job" On The Reader Survey, Says Palin

Thanks to the nearly 100 of you who took the reader survey last week. It was fun and interesting to see your responses and get your suggestions -- many of which were surprising (to me at least).

For example, 33 percent of respondents said the year is going OK so far (financial crisis aside). And, pop culture, goofy pictures, and my headshot are not well loved features of the site. I had no idea (well, except for the last.)

Other results were not so unexpected: Budget cuts are lots of people's big story of the year. Reader comments are your favorite part of the site. Jonathan Kozol is much admired. George Schmidt and Substance are loved and hated by readers.

You can look at the whole thing here. You'll note that the survey doesn't count write-in answers as responses, and I haven't added them in to the totals. Also, the site is read by many more people than bothered responding, so this isn't necessarily a representative sample of the site's readership.

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