Gone Fishing

Gone_fishinI'll be away from the blog for a couple of days, so you'll have to make do with the news (see left) and the comments (pretty much everywhere).  Be nice, now, so I can leave the comments open. 
And take care of everything education-related for me. See you Wednesday Thursday.

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  • George,

    You're right about the zebra mussels being a difficult problem to solve. They are filter feeders, which is why the waters are so clear where they exist. They deprive the native fish of both food and shading. They probably came over in ballast waters from ships, which is why, today, ships are required to exchange ballast waters prior to entering American waters. The problem is, while we can keep new mussels out, we're stuck with the ones we already have. Because they can live deeply enough in the water, freezing temps don't affect them much. ComEd has had some limitted success keeping them from clogging their intake pipes with preparations of fly ash, but that doesn't eliminate the critters, only keeps them from clogging pipes. Predators are about non-existent, so getting rid of them will be a significant challenge.

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