Getting Things Changed, Charter-Style

Most folks who go to charter schools do so expecting that they're not going to have the usual labor- management problems. The schools are small, the approach is collaborative. Or at last that's the idea. Some charters are run very hierarchically, however -- with a top-down curriculum.

So the question arises: What in practical terms can charter school teachers to influence the way their school is being run, short of quitting or going public? I got that question from a charter school teacher recently, and realized that I didn't really know the answer. Any charter experts want to help fill in the blanks.

The options that come to mind include going to the management team that hired the teacher, or to the charter board that sits above the charter. Or, to the Board liaison (someone at ONS) who might be able to help out. No guarantees from any of these approaches, but as we all know there are no guarantees even with union representation.

So -- be constructive, now, people -- what are teachers options if their charter isn't being run in ways that seem wise or sustainable? I await your insights and ideas.

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