Getting LSC Election Results From CPS

A number of folks have complained about not being able to get LSC election results, for individual schools much less citywide. However, O'Kema Lewis sent an email to CPS and got an interesting response:

From O'Kema: "Mr. Alvarez and Dr. Rice, Per your office staff, if anyone called the LSC Relations Office / Election Central for two days, wanting to know the outcome of a LSC election, they were told that: "Anyone wanting results could not get them from your office " they had to call the school, and or go directly to the school. Since results had to be put into the computer and your office was calling itself Election Central, it would stand to reason that your office could provide the results...This request is being made because many schools were not posting the results. School staff was stating that because the election was challenged, the results could not be given to anyone. Please note, I respectfully state, Challenges do not change the election results for a given day. The challenges have to go through a process and then the challengers names will be removed if they lost and or were found to have violated something by their actions. This short term scenario is only a suggestion for a small issue that does have a workable solution."

From J. Alvarez at CPS: "Ms. Lewis, Thank you for your email. If you or anyone copied on this email would like the election results for any school and my staff was not able to provide it, please call or email me directly. Please include the name of the staff member who was not able to provide you with the report in your call or email to me." (

I'll post this in the comment thread about report card pickup day and LSC elections last week.

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  • R. Flowers hit the nail on the head. Schools do not truly want involved parents who are discerning. Sure they love the moms who volunteer for field trips. But the moms who use their brains and ask questions are villified.

  • find the members of the staff who want to hear the voices of truth and collaborate with them. It may take some work, but it's the only way to improve our schools...

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