Getting Down To Each Block And Neighborhood

There's nothing specific about Andersen being phased out or Pritzker getting a

new PreK program when you search for Wicker Park or Ukrainian Village

on a new site called EveryBlock Chicago-- mostly just police blotter stuff, restaurant inspections, missed

connections (ie, hipsters who glanced up from their iPhones on the Blue

Line). In an ideal world, that news would be there, along with a schedule of LSC meetings and the hearings that CPS is planning.

But there are some local news items, and this sort of hyper-local

approach to websites is just what I'm going to aim to do here in the

not too distant future: providing information and a forum for parents

and teachers to talk about individual schools. Until then, go to the

site and plug in your block and see what's going on. Thanks to MM for

hooking me up to this.

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