Get Me Out Of Here! Job Search Of The Week

Sometimes, what seems like a good match between school and teacher in the summer turns out not to be so once the school year starts. 

A Spanish teacher I know is looking for something else.  The teacher has roughly three years of experience teaching middle school Spanish and is endorsed in language arts, social science, and self-contained K-9.

Any constructive advice, recommendations, or job leads would be appreciated.  Post them in the comments section and we'll see just how helpful you folks can be. 



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  • To me, inclusion is just a way for the Board to save money and to show once again that their motto "Think Children First" is an empty phrase. Inclusion is a good program for some children but what the Board seems to forget is that the Correy H. judge said was that he was not trying to do away with the full spectrum of services for SPED but rather trying to do away with placing children based on their labels. EMH children should not all be self-contained and LD children should not all be resource. This is true for all children. Instead the federal government is looking more at functional ability regardless of label. The judge said the full spectrum should be there from no services and just accommodations to tuitioning out. The Board refuses to listen to this even though they have been told several times by the judge that they were misinterpreting what was being said. I was present at the session when the judge told the Board's attorney that she was not understanding what he had ruled and giving teachers incorrect information.

    I agree that no one teacher can effectively service that many children and meet their needs.

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