Gates Grant Rumors From Denver: "Excelerator Schools"

A friend of mine from Denver called yesterday and said that there is another Gates Foundation grant headed Chicago's way (or has already arrived), following along on the High School Transformation plan and the schools that are doing that this year.  I think they're called "Excelerator Schools" or something like that, linked to AP and the College Board.  The list of four that he gave me was Clemente, Curie, Hubbard, and Simeon. 

Ring any bells?  I don't know if it's new -- something that'll get implemented this year or next.  And I don't know how it's really any different from the HST schools/plan, which I never really understood anyway.  But I do wonder whether another program is what's needed, and why CPS seems to have to do something new or different every year to get more Gates money. 

If you know anything about this new thing, or about how the HST project is going, fill us in.

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