Gates, AUSL, & Closed Schools

Gates Foundation to give $10.3 million to 3 struggling Chicago schools Tribune

Some of the money would help fund the academy's takeover of Orr High

School on the West Side and two of its feeder schools, Howe Elementary

and Morton Elementary. Under the district's plan, which is expected to

be approved by the Chicago Board of Education in February, the staff at

all three schools would need to reapply for their jobs.

Gates to donate $10.3 million to CPS Chicago Sun Times


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is contributing $10.3 million to

help fix the three ailing small schools in Orr High School, the subject

of a series of academic fixes since 1995, as well as two other high

schools, officials are expected to announce today.

Turnaround Schools Hunt for Top Teachers WBEZ


caused a national stir last week, when it announced it would replace

teachers at four failing high schools and the elementary schools that

feed them. This morning, the private group leading the reform effort at

some of the schools is getting a ten million dollar vote of confidence

from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Academy for Urban

School Leadership says the money will provide critical support, as it

tries to recruit and hire more than a hundred top teachers.

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