Gang Inevitability -- Targeting Teachers

The morning news didn't show up -- apologies -- but here's something read while I figure that mystery out: Why Chicago kids kill one another --- gang inevitability.

It's from a former principal who now writes for the Chicago Examiner and includes some interesting and controversial notions -- including the idea that boys have an "anthropological attraction" to demonstrations of strength, debunking the fear of moms among black boys, the history of strong-hearted

immigrants, and the idea that gangs try provoke targeted teachers into taking a swing at a planted kid so that they will be diminished (or removed)

"The gang would enroll a

member in that school just so the gang member could engage that teacher

in an incident that would result in the teacher taking a punch at the

kid so that the teacher’s reputation would diminish and he would lose

the power he had to thwart their recruitment drive."

What do you think? Does this really happen?

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