Gaga For Google Teachers Academy

From my friend Lucy Gray, who's a big fan of the Google Teachers Academy:

"I've been working with Google on various education initiatives for the

past few years, and I know that a Google Teachers Academy will likely

becoming to Chicago this fall as well, but nothing beats seeing their

extraordinary headquarters up close and personal, or so I am told!

"The GTA provides training several times a year for teacher leaders

on using Google Apps in classrooms. The next GTA will take place in

Mountain View, Califorinia, in June at the company's headquarters,

known to some as the Googleplex.The application process to participate

in the Google Teachers Academy and to become a Google Certified Teacher

is fairly straightforward, but competitive. For additional details and

an application, visit

Also, note that Google has also announced today a new site for teachers called Geo Education

Geo Education provides all sorts of materials for incorporating Google

Earth, Google Maps, Google Sky, and Google SketchUp into classroom


Please let us know if there's anything else going on that you'd recommend.

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